Give away. A gesture that has always been appreciated, well-liked, remembered.

Someone once said that it is not the dimension of the gift that matters, but the dimension of the heart that gives it. And ciaotourist is exactly this. A service that comes from the heart, a gift to your guests apparently small but of great importance.

The first impression is the one that has always counted more than any other, there is no better reception than a clean room, a big smile on arrival all seasoned by a welcome letter to the hotel.

The welcome letter you keep, bring it with you, share it on social networks, open it, use it because it is useful (on the back there are all the useful information about your structure), and it is certainly a positive way to start a holiday.

The welcome letter binds the client to your facility, makes him feel important, puts him at ease, feels very welcome.

Take the opportunity to welcome your guests, 40 countries in the world have already chosen us.