Who we are?

Ciaotourist.com is the European leader for the furniture of envelopes, letters, postcards and info ticket for the tourism sector, active on all European countries and sinergistically with European hotels.

What type of activity is aimed ciaotourist.com?



Holiday home


Holiday Village

How is the purchase process?

Choose the package you prefer to typology and quantity, continue with the purchase process by entering your information and choosing the method of payment and, once the order is placed, simply wait a few days for delivery of goods.

What are the benefits to become our customers?

There are several advantages to become our customers. We have the best price in Italy, the quality of our products and the free shipping for all packages.

What is the quality level of products?

Thanks to many years of experience in this sector, we are perfectly awave what is the acceptable minimun quality for an excellent quality of our products.

What type of paper uses ciaotourist.com?

Ciaotourist.com uses differents types of high quality paper, from offset to recycled paper, and also embossed paper. We are always very well-informed and we always create new and original products.

Can I change the order after submitting it?

If you have forwarded the order, it not possible to modify the order details. It include:

Shipping address
Ordered product
Changes in shipping service

Please control with attention the order details before to submitting it.

I didn't receive your order within the delivery period indicated in your website, what should I do?
If the items can't arrive within 25 working days, write an email to our Customer Service at info@ciaotourist.com, within 10 working days from the delivery. The notification of non- delivery must be sent 45 days after the package's shipping. There will not be possible to accept complaints after this period.

Delivery charges

Delivery charges are always free.

Payment methods
You can pay by 4 payment methods:


What is the estimated delivery time?
From 9 to 12 working days depending the available quantity in stock.