Who we are

Ciaotourist.com is the innovative start-up that aims to provide a service to welcome guests of your facility. Our mission is to make entry into your structure as memorable as possible. All this also passes from an elegant reception once you enter the room. Imagine the pleasure when entering your room, your guests will find an envelope with a welcome letter elegantly laid on the bed. Definitely the best way to start a holiday. How many times have you prepared to welcome letters from you, to find chocolates on arrival, anything that could be seen as a welcome action? Here, ciaotourist.com aims precisely to organize this desire to welcome you through a series of products available in our portal. We currently count about 900 different types of products, divided between the types of physical product offered and applied graphics. The same graphics refer to the types of structures that operate in the field of tourism, and then we find graphics that recall the bathing facilities, mountain, artistic, culinary, etc.

You can choose the amount to buy, regardless of whether you are a small b & b or the largest hotel in Dubai, ciaotourist.com is able to provide any quantity of product you require and deliver it worldwide.

within our portal you will find both products with generalized graphics and customizable products. You can also choose whether to buy one of the products of reception you will also want to add delicious candies or chocolates made in Italy.

Ciaotourist.com is currently the only and the first company in the world to provide this type of service, when they arrive, be wary of imitations.

Shipping is free anywhere in the world no exclusion and for all quantities.